▪ 3rd European Conference on Natural Products, 2 – 5 September, Frankfurt – Germany


In September 2018, the 3rd European Conference on Natural Products featured recent advances in secondary metabolite research. With a special emphasis on networking opportunities, the posters exhibition and the interaction of academic and industrial research spanned a wide range of topics such as Structural Biology, Targets and MoA of Natural Products, Organic Synthesis, Synthetic Biology and Chemical Communication Methods from bioinformatics to screening.

Dra Olga Genilloud, scientific director at MEDINA, presented the discovery of the MDN-0207, a novel lanthipeptide with unprecedented structural features and an unusual mode of action.

Dr Daniel Oves, principal scientist, a poster about three new bioactive 36-membered macrolactones and Daniel Carretero, PhD student, a poster, part of the IIMENA project, about new antibacterial compounds isolated from MEDINA’s actinomycetes collection.