▪ II International meeting of metabolomics and cancer – October 17 – Granada, Spain

The II International meeting of metabolomics and cancer held on the 17th of October in Granada, focused on the alterations in biologic processes and metabolomics pathways that occur in cancer cells but not in healthy ones. This meetingnot only offered an update on the latest advancements in metabolomics applied to clinic in the cancer area, it also addressed its integration with other techniques of liquid biopsy and bioinformatics. Dr. Francisca Vicente, Head of Screening and target validation at MEDINA moderated the round table “Technical Innovations and methodologies” to start with the conference. As part of the lectures program, Dr. José Pérez del Palacio, involved in a project about diagnostic and breast cancer and coordinator of the meeting together with Dr. Pedro Sánchez Rovira, discussed the “Inconvenient of metabolomics profiles in liquid biopsy.”