▪ 16th Annual Discovery on Target Conference, September 25-28, Boston – USA

Jose Ruben Tormo, PhD, Associate Area Head & Collection Manager, travelled to the 16th Annual Discovery on Target “The Industry’s Preeminent Event on Novel Drug Targets” conference in Boston this September 25-28, to discuss on Near Future Discovery Prospects from Natural Products (NPs). He presented Fundación MEDINA’s microbial natural products Libraries, and the Natural Products, as one of the most prolific sources of new leads for the discovery of novel antibiotics with a large number of molecules and analogs in the clinic. And, He also pointed out the NPs unique chemical space, that with potency and selectivity, is the result of an extended evolutionary selection and explained how new integrated NPs Drug Discovery approaches are playing a key role in the identification of new molecules to be developed and fill the forthcoming antibiotic pipeline.