▪ 2nd ISNPMP, March 1-2, New Delhi – India

The 2nd International Symposium on ‘New Processes And Applications for Plant and Microbial Products’ (ISNPMP-2016) has been organised by TERI, India and CSIC, Spain to bring together scientists and students from academia, research institutions, industry and government to deliberate on the basic and applied aspects of research on natural products from plants and microbes.

The conference also focused on biotechnological approaches for metabolite production; new approaches and processes for natural products role and importance of comprehensive extraction with different solvents; analysis of different types of macromolecules and secondary metabolites of plant and microbial origin; discovery, development, safety and quality control; raw material supply; and proper use of natural products.

Dr Francisca Vicente from MEDINA discussed on Microbial natural products as sources for agricultural applications.