▪ BIOLATAM, the new meeting point for biobusiness in Latin America will take place in Bogota, Colombia

BIOLATAM 2013 will be held in Bogota at the Chamber of Commerce of Colombia between 9th and 10th of December. The main goal of the event is to become the leading event in Latin America in the area of biotechnology. The event will supports business development between biotechnology companies and companies in other sectors such as the pharmaceutical or veterinary. Conferences, business meetings and networking activities have been organized to facilitate the contact and dialogue between international companies, investors, institutions and research centers related to the area of biotechnology.There will be numerous companies of Latin American countries, Spain, U.S. and Italy, among others. In total, there are 30 countries represented in BIOLATAM and it is expected that approximately 250 companies and at least 500 people participate.

MEDINA will share the Bioprospecting & Biodiversity round table with Corporacion Corpogen, Magellan Bioscience Group Inc and the Nicaraguan Academy of Sciences where the regulatory status, opportunities in marine & terrestrial prospection and the sustainable management of biodiversity will be discussed. There will be numerous conferences covering topics such as “Advanced Therapies”, “the impact of biotechnology on animal health and aquaculture”, “Agrobiotechnology”, “Biotechnology for Cosmetics”, “Neglected Diseases” and “Food Biotechnology” to name a few.