▪ Pupils from the school Colegio ALQUERIA visit Fundación MEDINA


This morning, pupils from ALQUERIA school of Granada visited Fundación MEDINA in order to learn a bit more about microorganisms and the role they play in drug discovery programs.

We set up for the occasion a practical training focused on researches from Natural Products. They teachers Eva Oliva and Jose Miguel Martín joined them and Jose Rubén Tormo, Mercedes de la Cruz and Victor González, all part of MEDINA´s scientists team guided them all around the center.  Using a simplified language, they have been able to discuss about science and see part of the technology used at MEDINA.

By now, they know microorganisms can be bacteria, fungi, protozoon or virus and how an optical microscope looks like. After making the difference between beneficial and armful microorganisms, they understood the importance of having a strong knowledge of things to be able to conduct interesting researches. They have shown a strong interest and asked plenty of questions.