▪ Desgranando Ciencia 2018 – University of Granada, December 14 – 15, Granada – Spain

MEDINA won the Digital poster contest of the 5th edition of Desgranando Ciencia with a tweet thread about “Microbial Natural Products and your health”. The Desgranando Ciencia event has been organized between the 14th and 15th of December by the association “Hablando de Ciencia” at the Faculty of Science of the University of Granada offering for the public many activities such as divulgatory talks, workshops, shows for the all family, photo exhibitions and a course oriented about divulgation techniques. Mercedes de la Cruz, researcher of MEDINA’s screening department, and Nathalie Lahet from the marketing department, presented physically the poster and published the corresponding tweet thread previously prepared with Dr. Ruben Tormo, Associate Head area of chemistry and Libraries manager at MEDINA.

Hilo de tweet