▪ ECBS2017 – 5th European Chemical Biology Symposium – July 2-4 – Budapest – Hungary

The meeting ECBS 2017 brought together chemical biology researchers from screening and drug discovery, systems biology and therapeutic innovation.

Fundación MEDINA presented:  Application of Labcyte Echo® Liquid Handling to Microbial Natural Product Extracts and Pure Compounds from MEDINA Library in High-Throughput Miniaturized Assays. Vicente F, Tormo JR, Cautain B, De la Cruz M, Díaz C, Pérez del Palacio J, Ramos C, Genilloud O.

An EU-OPENSCREEN partner site workshop was also held on the 2nd of July. It has been the opportunity for all members to meet, to be updated on the status of the ERIC EU-OPENSCREEN initiative and to discuss about the next steps towards formal approval. A EU-OPENSCREEN poster corner was organized and MEDINA presented its HTS capacities and technologies: