▪ FiAAD, Frontiers in Antibiotic Drug Discovery – Stockholm, Sweden

Fundación MEDINA presents during the symposium Frontiers in Antibiotic Drug Discovery (FiAAD) in Stockholm the results of a research focused on the identification of new antibiotics and antiinfective treatments.

The symposium is organized jointly by the Medicinal Chemistry Section of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society and ENABLE, one of the projects in the Innovative Medicines Initiative ND4BB in which MEDINA is involved, to showcase the future and opportunities for antibiotic drug discovery in a stimulating environment.

MEDINA will attend the event on the 14th and 15th of September represented by Dr. Francisca Vicente, Head of Screening and target validation.  She will present a poster that describes the result of Streptomyces strains analysis:

“Common structural motifs in new natural cyclic pentapeptides determine selective antibacterial activity against Acinetobacter baumannii.” Francisco Javier Ortiz-López; Daniel Carretero-Molina, Jesús Martín, Caridad Díaz, Mercedes de la Cruz, Ignacio González, José R. Tormo, Francisca Vicente*, Fernando Reyes, Olga Genilloud. Abstract

For the foundation, taking part of this event means finding out about the latest advances in new antibiotics discovery, establishing new contacts with academy and industrial research groups as much as reaffirming MEDINA´s capability and potential in new antibiotics discovery.

In representation of Spain, Fernando Baquero Director from the Microbiology Department of the Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal of Madrid will also participate and discuss “Antibiotic resistance as a drug target”. Programme