▪ Fundación MEDINA, invited Lecturer at the Natural Products – Gordons Research Conference 2013 ( New Hampshire, USA)

Held from July 28-August 2nd 2013 at the Proctor Academy in Andover, New Hampshire, USA, the Conference covered a wide range of important subjects in the field of Natural Products, especially the discovery of new molecules and how these molecules are produced in biological systems or by chemical synthesis .

The topic of the talk 'Challenges in Drug Discovery from Natural Products Libraries', presented by Dr. Jose R Tormo, covered how Fundacion MEDINA is using novel technologies to create improved Natural Product libraries learning from past industrial experience, through improved biology selection, new assays technologies, sample management trends and chemistry automation. Detailed examples of Fundación MEDINA’s innovative Research Programs on Antifungals, Antibacterials, Antimalarials, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Cancer and Neuroprotection were shared with a mixed audience of academic and industrial peers.. Dr. Tormo’s  presentation, considered by the audience to be excellent examples of state-of-the-art technologies, fostered individual and collective active discussions on how these approaches are improving success rates in the field, of Drug Discovery.