▪ Fundación MEDINA to Use Dotmatics Solutions for the Discovery of Biologically Active Molecules

Dotmatics Software to help MEDINA identifying and addressing unmet medical and biotechnology needs

Bishops Stortford, England – December 19, 2016 -

Dotmatics, a leading provider of scientific informatics solutions and services, today announced that MEDINA, a leading non-profit Research Organization, has implemented the Dotmatics’ Studies Notebook.

Dotmatics’ Studies Notebook Platform is providing MEDINA with a highly customized, nimble way of recording drug discovery, natural products chemistry, microbiological and general data in a compliant Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN).

The Dotmatics notebook creates a true collaborative environment where researchers can share ideas and discuss results in real time. Additional modules such as Register and Biology, can be implemented in order to enable scientists to cover the complete workflow. User-controlled security access across the entire platform ensures both the safekeeping of data as well as integrity.

“By providing MEDINA with a flexible and agile ELN that covers all scientific disciplines in a single interface, we are able to deliver the only truly web-based ELN that allows all entered fields to be fully searchable,” said Stephen Gallagher PhD, CEO Dotmatics.  “The combination of our technology with their research expertise holds great promise for the future of novel drug discovery.”

“We needed to implement a system which would manage our experimentations and in terms of time, efficiency and drug discovery processes,” said Dr. Olga Genilloud, Scientific director of MEDINA. “We evaluated several ELN vendors and after careful consideration chose Dotmatics because they offered flexible and comprehensive solutions with extensive support. The Dotmatics´ notebook will provide our team with significant technological improvements.”


About Fundación MEDINA

Fundación MEDINA is a non-profit research organisation established in Granada, Spain, from the private-public partnership between the Government of Andalucía, the University of Granada and Merck Sharp and Dohme de España S.A.  Fundación MEDINA has a unique expertise in natural products microbiology, chemistry and high throughput screening, and is developing drug discovery programs in infectious diseases (including tuberculosis and parasitic diseases), oncology, and neurodegeneration rare diseases. Fundación MEDINA is establishing contract research collaborations and partnerships with pharma and biotech companies to discover novel therapeutics. For more information: www.medinadiscovery.com

About Dotmatics:

Dotmatics is a leading global scientific informatics software and services provider, delivering solutions tailored to the modern, highly collaborative and mobile scientific environments. The company provides solutions to several vertical markets, including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academia, food and beverage, oil and gas and agrochemical industries. Dotmatics’ enterprise solutions are flexible, scalable and configurable, providing effective scientific information management across entire organisations, from discovery research to development and early manufacturing. Dotmatics has significant expertise in scientific informatics, including database management for chemistry and biologics, electronic laboratory notebooks, chemical and biological registration, screening data management, SAR analysis, reporting, and visualisation. Dotmatics solutions are available for local or cloud deployment and supported on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. For more information, visit dotmatics.com.