▪ Final General Assembly of PharmaSea – March 13, 14 – Granada

The final General Assembly of the PharmaSea project is taking place at MEDINA on the 13th and 14th of March, with a scientific meeting to summarize the main results obtained during the development of the project. Pharmasea is a FP7 consortium of 24 partners from 13 countries focused on finding new bioactive molecules in the anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and neurodegenerative areas. Collection of new samples from extreme environments, the development of new LC/MS dereplication approaches to eliminate bottlenecks and speed-up the full biodiscovery process, and aspects related to the access and use of marine genetic resourceswere also main goals of the project. Fundación MEDINA has been a major and active contributor to this project, through the isolation of new strains from deep sea samples, creation a new collection of marine actinomycete strains and extracts, testing of the biological activity of extracts and pure compounds in the anti-infective area, development of LC/MS dereplication strategies, isolation of new bioactive chemical entities and ADME-TOX studies of selected hits identified.