▪ 2nd PARAMET anual meeting in Granada

Fundación MEDINA and the Instituto de Parasitología y Biomédicina López-Neyra, both established in PTS, participated at this event.

International experts and professionals of the pharmaceutical industry get together in Granada for the second annual meeting of PARAMET, a project funded by the PEOPLE MARIE CURIE program of the European Commission aiming at the creation of an international training network of young researchers specialized in forgotten tropical infectious diseases.

During two days and a half, this group of experts that already collaborate in several projects, participated in a workshop which was the opportunity to get to know more about the progress and the knowledge acquired by the 14 young European researchers part of PARAMET network and that could be the start of new pharmaceutical research strategies and design of new drugs against developing countries diseases such as malaria, leishmaniosis o Chagas disease.