▪ I EIAMNP, Euroindoamerican Natural Products Meeting, 29th of May – 1st of June 2018, Madrid

MEDINA attended the I Euroindoamerican Natural Products Meeting held in Madrid from May 29th to the 1st of June.  This meeting brought together scientists and academia, research institutions, industry and government to report on basic and applied research on natural products from plants and microbes. It was an opportunity for MEDINA to share different aspects of the research and the technologies developed over the last few months: Dr. Freddie Annang, specialized in parasitic diseases research, gave a talk on his recent paper about antiprotozoan terpenes. Dr. Fernando Reyes, head of Chemistry, disclosed a new approach for the structural elucidation of large polyketide macrolides and Daniel Carretero presented preliminary results of our IIMENA project focused on the discovery of novel antibiotics using innovative screening strategies.

Pérez-Victoria I, Oves-Costales D, Lacret R, Genilloud O, Reyes F. Bioinformatic gene cluster analysis combined with NMR spectroscopy: a powerful approach for the structural elucidation of large polyketide macrolides. In press

Annang F, Pérez-Victoria I, Appiah T, Pérez-Moreno G, Domingo-Contreras E, Martín J, Machenzie T, Ruiz-Pérez L, González-Packanowska D, Genilloud O, Vicente F, Agyare C, Reyes F. Bioassay-guided isolation of four new antiprotozoal compounds from two Ghanaian mushrooms. Fitoterapia 2018 Jun, 127:341-348.

Carretero-Molina D. Ortíz-López J, Oves-Costales D, Román F, Reyes F, Vicente F, Lee SY, Palsson B, Weber T, Genilloud O. The IIMENA project: integration of informatics and metabolic engineering for the discovery of novel antibiotics. http://iimena.org/