II PTS Research Congress, Granada, February 9 – 11, 2022:

February 12, 2022:

Fundacion MEDINA contributed to the 2nd PTS on-site Research Congress, held in Granada on February 9 - 11, with the presentation of several talks and posters and Dr. Fernando Reyes, Area head of Chemistry, being part of the scientific committee.
During the conference, on February 9, Dr. Olga Genilloud, our Scientific Director, participated as coordinator of the session "Inflammatory and infectious diseases"contributing with a talk on the “IIMENA Program: Integration of bioinformatics and metabolic engineering in the discovery of new antibiotics”.
We had also the opportunity to share our work with the talks by Dr. Víctor González-Menéndez, Senior Researcher of the Microbiology Department: "Xerophytic lichens as a source of fungal diversity and potential biopesticide agents", on the 10th February; and “Bioimaging at the service of drug research-discovery and development”, given by Dr. Carmen Ramos Martín, Researcher of the Target Screening and Validation Department, on the third day of the congress.