▪ IWBBIO 2017 – 5th International Work-Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering – April 26th-28th, 2017, Granada – Spain

MEDINA attended IWBBIO 2017, a discussion forum about the latest ideas and realizations in the foundations, theory, models and applications for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research encompassing disciplines of computer science, mathematics, statistics, biology, bioinformatics, and biomedicine. Dr. J Rubén Tormo presented:

MASS Studio: A Novel Software Utility to Simplify LC-MS Analyses of Large Sets of Samples for Metabolomics. Martinez G, Gonzalez-Menendez V, Martin J, Reyes F, Genilloud O, Tormo JR.
And the rest of the team presented 2 posters:

Genome mining at Fundación MEDINA: decrypting the biosynthetic potential of promising strains. Sánchez-Hidalgo M, Oves-Costales D, Pascual J, González I, Genilloud O.

Metabolomics Ultraviolet and Mass Spectrometry Imaging for the Deconvolution of Microbial Interactions. Gonzalez-Menendez V, Serrano R, Muñoz F, Martin J, Martinez G, Genilloud O, Tormo JR