▪ MEDINA at VIII Spanish Drug Discovery Network Meeting (SDDN) – November 3 & 4 – Spain

This international meeting continues to be an opportunity for drug discovery and chemical biology professionals to discuss the frontline of chemical biology, drug discovery and translational medicine research.

This year, the programme has focused on the use of more predictive model systems throughout the discovery process, from early primary screening and moving towards preclinical and clinical studies http://europe-slas.org/SDDN16.htm).

Dr Bastien Cautien, Principal Scientist at MEDINA, presented a poster on the effects of the new fungal natural product MDN160 against metastatic melanoma:

“A study in melanoma of MDN-0160, a natural compound from microbial origin” B. Cautain, T.A. Mackenzie; N. De Pedro; C. Almeida; I. Pérez-Victoria; G. Crespo; L.  Rodriguez; V. Gonzalez; F. Reyes; F.Vicente; O. Genilloud.