▪ MEDINA collaboration with CENAIM in Marine Drug Discovery – Ecuador

An interesting collaboration between MEDINA and CENAIM (ESPOL, Guayaquil, Ecuador) was initiated last May. CENAIM activities are focused on the valuable and efficient use of marine biodiversity in strategic areas for the development of Ecuador R+D+i, such as human health, industry, food and conservation. Dr. Ramos from MEDINA spent a few days at the CENAIM facilities to support and help in the establishment of a Cell Culture Laboratory to develop a Drug Discovery Platform focused on human health needs, such as the search for antitumor and neuroprotective drugs. The general objective of the CENAIM project is to characterize the marine invertebrate and bacterial associated biodiversity of Coastal Marine Environments of MR El Pelado (Santa Elena, Ecuador). The aim is to contribute to the change of the productive matrix and the establishment of the national research strategy on marine and aquatic resources. MEDINA's expertise in Drug Discovery is being used to help in setting up the required technology and methodology.