▪ Organic Structure Analysis Course 2016, 5-7 December – Aberdeen

Last week, the advanced NMR course “Organic Structure Analysis 2016” brought together the OceanMedicines EU RISE consortium students, the ScotChem graduate school students and several from the Marine Biodiscovery Centre. In total 20 participants and 5 instructors had a real chance of getting hands on experience in data processing and analysis as well as learning the strategy of structure elucidation.

The course introduced participants to the strategies used in organic structure analysis. They are now able to dereplicate known compounds at the extract and pure compound stage using a combination of spectroscopic data and database approaches as well as understand how complex natural product structures can be solved.

Course Instructors:

Professor Marcel Jaspars – University of Aberdeen

Dr Rainer Ebel – University of Aberdeen

Dr Fernando Reyes - MEDINA

Dr Nathalie Legrave – University of Aberdeen

Dr Jioji Tabudravu – University of Aberdeen