▪ Project: “MDN-0005 as a new therapeutic tool for the muscular regeneration and the inflammatory response in DMD”

The Duchenne Parent Project association funds a new research project focused on therapeutic applications of MEDINA’s compound MDN-005 on Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

This two years research program, will be developed under the leadership of the Doctors Francisco Torres and Amelia Aranega from the University de Jaén and in collaboration with MEDINA to study MDN-005 applications in DMD. This disease is characterized by muscular inflammation and a decreased muscular stem cells regenerative capacity. Currently, the use of glucocorticoids remains the leading pharmacological treatment to attenuate the inflammatory response in DMD despite its numerous side effects. According to some studies, the GSK3β inhibition enhances the myogenic differentiation and inhibits muscular inflammation processes. Previous studies have shown how MDN-005 can inhibit GSK3βactivity. These results will be the starting point of a series of studies on DMD muscle directed to reduce the inflammatory response of the dystrophic muscle and to increase the muscular dystrophic stem cells regenerative capacity.