▪ Determination of metabolomic profiles for the diagnosis of breast cancer.

MEDINA is one of the participants of the RETOS project “Determination of metabolomic profiles for the diagnosis of breast cancer. Implications in prognostics and predictive responses to treatment” as part of a consortia coordinated by Althia, a company engaged in personalized diagnostics and translational research in cancer, and in collaboration with the oncology unit of the Hospital of Jaen through FIBAO, foundation specialized in integral management and promotion of biosanitary investigation. The main objective of this project is the development of a new non-invasive methodology for the early detection of breast cancer and the identification of specific molecular types through metabolomics and the analysis of miRNAs in liquid biopsies. Metabolomics and the study of miRNAs in liquid biopsies could constitute a novel diagnostic system that would enable increasing the efficiency for tumor detection in early stages of the disease and having advance knowledge of how each patient might respond to treatment. MEDINA will lead the work package corresponding to the metabolomic analysis of samples using an optimized bioanalytical platform based on LC-HRMS and multivariable statistic processes.

This project is financed by the Ministry of Economy and competitiveness of Spain under the following reference RETOS REF - RTC-2016-5674-1