▪ RiPPs – 1st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, 24-26 April, Granada – Spain

The First International Conference on RiPPs (Ribosomally synthesized and Post-translationally modified Peptides) was organized by experts in the field from the 24th to the 26th of April in Granada. These compounds show unique biosynthetic pathways and display diverse and relevant activities such as antimicrobial activity against resistant pathogens. A broad range of topics concerning this class of natural products were discussed, including biosynthesis, engineering, synthetic biology, chemical biology, mechanisms, enzymology, genomics, evolution, structure, function, ecology and application.

During the poster sessions, Dr. Marina Sánchez, Dr. Daniel Oves and Dr. Javier Ortíz presented various works about RiPPs issued from MEDINA´s microbial strains:

Identification, cloning and heterologous expression of the gene cluster encoding RES-701-3 and RES-701-4 biosynthesis. Oves-Costales D, Sánchez-Hidalgo M, Martín J, Genilloud O.

Discovery of MDN-0207, a novel glycosylated lanthipeptide with unusual structural features and potent antibacterial activity. Ortiz-López FJ, Carretero-Molina D, Martín J, de la Cruz M, Sánchez M, Díaz C, González I, Morosini MI, Vicente F, Reyes F, Deisinger J, Müller A, Schneider T, Genilloud O.

Genome mining for ribosomally synthesized and post-translationally modified peptides (RiPPs) in MEDINA microbial collection. Sánchez-Hidalgo M, Oves-Costales D, Román-Hurtado F, Genilloud O.