▪ SLAS Europe 19, 26-28 June, Barcelona – Spain

Dr. Francisca Vicente discussed MEDINA’s Natural Products Screening Platform using Labcyte’s ECHO System at SLAS Europe 2019 in Barcelona at the end of June and pointed out how the miniaturization of high-throughput assays using the Echo 550 Liquid Handler  (powered by acoustic droplet ejection) has enabled the maximization of the use of natural product extracts by transferring ultra-low volumes and reducing costs.

Dra.  Carmen Ramos presented our Natural Products antitumor screening in 3D cell cultures, the ultimate tool designed by MEDINA for the identification of new bioactive Natural Products through a high automated process. Compared with the classic 2D cell cultures, the use of spheroids in the antitumoral drugs selection process imitates in a better way the in vivo physiology and the obtained results in vitro have a greater possibility of success.

Ramos C, Franciskovic M, Genilloud O, Vicente F. Spheroids 3D culture, a powerful tool in drug discovery screening in cancer research.