▪ TFMs 2017

As every year and in collaboration the University of Granada or the University of Sevilla, several students had the opportunity to prepare their master final work within MEDINA. The works that have been presented this year are as follows:

Setting up of a method for determining antimicrobial susceptibility of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) by flow cytometry – Selene Vega García -Master in Regenerative Biomedicine.

Melanoma and Natural products: Curvularine a possible antitumoral agent - Adrián González González - Master in Regenerative Biomedicine.

Identification of a metabolomic signature for early detection of colorectal cancer - Ariadna Martín Blázquez - Master in Regenerative Biomedicine.

Desarrollo in vitro de una molécula neuroprotectora procedente del cribado de Productos Naturales microbianos frente a la enfermedad de Parkinson - Carmen Garcia Siurot - Master in Research, Development, Control and Innovation of New Medicines.

Study of antimicrobial activities and analysis of the metabolites produced by the strain Kitasatospora CA-165799 - Lorena Casado Martín - Master in Research, Development, Control and Innovation of New Medicines.

Research of bioactive compounds produced by microorganisims – Sandra Ruiz Alonso - Master in Research, Development, Control and Innovation of New Medicines.

Genome characterization of Amycolatopsis pretoriensis CA-128772  and analysis of fermentation products and antimicrobial activities - Cristian Díaz Muñoz - Máster in Sanitary Biotechnology.

Isolation and characterization of fungi associated with licken from gypsum outcrops as source of bioactive secondary metabolites - Luis Martinez Garcia - Master in Biotechnology.

Untargeted HILIC-MS Metabolomics for Breast Cancer Biomarkers: A Pilot Study – Carmen Gonzalez Olmedo - Master in Translational Research and Personalized Medicine.