▪ Understanding human diseases through Metabolomics: Interactions among genome, proteome, gut microbiome and nutrition. Gordon Research Conference. February 3 – 8, Ventura, CA – USA

Dr. Jose Perez del Palacio presented a novel approach based on metabolomics and metagenomics for the identification and isolation of metabolites from gut microbiota that are involved in the perturbation of gut microbial populations, which may induce the occurrence of homeostasis disorders at the last Gordon Conference on metabolomics and human health. The conference covered applications of metabolomics for deeper understanding of disease mechanisms, disease heterogeneity and disease progression; variation in treatment outcomes and enablement of precision medical approaches; connections between metabolome, proteome and genome, atlases being created; and the effects of exposome, diet and gut microbiome on human metabolome and health. It highlighted state of the art metabolomics technologies and their applications to the study of human health and disease, large consortia initiatives which enable epidemiological and clinical studies, functional genomics, nutrigenomics, pharmaceutical applications including toxicology studies, systems pharmacology, environmental exposure’s effects on health (exposome) and more.

Poster: Gut Microbiota Profiling: A Metabolomics-Metagenomics Based Approach to Identify and Isolate Compounds Affecting Human Health. Pérez del Palacio J, Díaz C, De la Cruz M, Martín A, Tormo R, Gonzalez I, Sánchez-Hidalgo M, Vicente F, Reyes F, Genilloud O.