▪ XV Meeting of the Microorganisms from Extreme Environment National Network, May 23 – 25, Huelva – Spain

Fundación MEDINA attended the last meeting of the Extreme Environment Microorganisms network (RedEx) held in Matalascañas, Huelva (Spain). RedEx is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MINECO) and   allows the research groups in the field to share recent progresses in the study of microorganisms isolated from extreme environments.

This year, Fundación MEDINA presented a study lead by Dr. Olga Genilloud and Dr. Ignacio González on the diversity of the microbial communities isolated from Sonchus crassifolius and Limonium majus, two endemic plants from the salt marsh Saladar de El Margen (Granada – Spain), and their potential to produce bioactive compounds with biotechnological applications. The results confirmed that plants from extreme environments are an extraordinary rich source for the isolation of a very large diversity of bacteria with capacity to produce new antimicrobial agents against human pathogens of clinical interest.

Micromonospora ureilytica, El Margen (Granada), Suelo asociado a Limonium majus