Microbiology and Fermentation Services


The microbiology capacities offered include extensive catalog of microbial secondary metabolites. Search and selection of microorganisms with specific properties or chemistry. If you are interested in specific microbial metabolites, we can make your compound with our strains or yours.

Microbiology and Fermentation Services

Expertise in different techniques to isolate the largest diversity of culturable microbial strains from natural samples, including unicellular and filamentous bacteria, filamentous fungi, yeast and Basidiomycetes from diverse ecosystems.

Extensive experience and infrastructure in fungi and bacteria identification, from classic micromorphology to DNA Sequencing (16S/28S/ITS), Multilocus Sequence analysis (MLSA), Chemotaxonomic and Phenotypic analyses.

Microbial Community Analysis to identify and determine the relative abundance of microorganisms contained in soil samples, water, plants or human microbiota.

Extensive experience in different Culture based approaches to exploit microbial chemical diversity such as Submerged liquid and Solid-State Fermentations.

Our lab-scale fermentation volume ranges from 1 mL to 30 L, including several fermentation formats (24, 48 and 96 multi-well plates, vials, flasks, bottles, and bioreactors).

Microbial Metabolomic studies to promote and diversify the secondary metabolite expression by a wide range of microbial strains and assess their metabolomic profiles.

  • Extensive experience enhancing yield productions of targeted secondary metabolites by culture condition optimizations, such as the medium, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen through classical optimization methods, etc.
  • Experience in scale up from multi-well plates to bioreactors 7L or 30L.